I’ve always believed my Dumbtown dreams could be made real. I’ve believed at each and every successive selfish iteration. Nonetheless, that school’s old auditorium has always spooked me. The business start-up math goes like this: brewery success rate amazingly high; restaurant failure rate worthy of pause, and theater success rate, well you need the business equivalent of an electron microscope for that measurement. That’s said, I’m no theater tart and I can still think of myriad cool revenue streams for that 200 person space.

Dumbtown needs to host a great multitude of events. At a minimum the theater needs some serious TLC. At the extreme, the possibilities are endless.

  • Style: Oud Bruin or some other tart
  • Liner note:
  • Beer tangent: The auditorium seats do not look comfortable. Flexible use would be optimal but could be challenging. Bueller want a business?