Presently Dumbtown exists only in the mind of Il Dorke BUT Il Dorke is not a brewer, so Dumbtown doesn’t have any beers YET.

In Il Dorke’s dream home brewers supply the beers for the names listed below.

If you are a Ronin brewer or simply interested in Il Dorke’s Dreams of Dumbtown you can click one of the beer names below and glimpse of portion of Il Dorke’s dream via the story behind that beer’s name. You will also be able to post a comment if you wish. Alternately, you can go to the Dreams of Dumbtown page where you can read all of the beer names and stories in sequence.

Il Dorke hopes that his Dreams of Dumbtown rallies more than Ronin. Il Dorke sees random citizens arriving to fight alongside the Ronin. These citizen champion notions they themselves deem precious.

Outside of Il Dorke’s dream and in the real world know this, if you are a Ronin brewer with pro-am caliber Kung Fu and you live in Colorado, Il Dorke’s emissaries will be coming for you. They will be coming with Dumbtown’s big ask. Il Dorke’s emissaries are going to say to you, Dumbtown needs your greatest beer, your non-beer skills, and the talents of your posse, so that Beer Can Do This!

# Name Style (and comments)
1 Sour Not The Guy Confessional Sour
2 Altruistic Amber Amber
3 Coin in the Fountain Copper
4 Beer Ninjas Needed Japanese Saké Beer
5 I Got This WIDE OPEN
6 The People’s Common Common
7 I Need a Beeracle Christmas/Holiday
8 Clarence’s Wings Coconut Porter
9 Zuzu’s Petals Herb and Spice
10 A Cop and a Taxi Driver Belgian Quadrupel
11 Mr. Porter Imperial Porter
12 Ms. Saunders’ Saison Saison/Farmhouse
13 Robert’s Shangri-La Fresh Hop
14 Yeast & Desist Belgian Dubbel
15 HABU is Killing Me! Extra Special Bitter
16 Doing the Math Ordinary Bitter
17 Coo Coo for Redevelopment Chocolate
18 Nutting Original I’d love to see an acceptable homage to the pioneers at Tommyknocker.
19 TEC’s Tree Fort I’m thinking a piney IPA but apple something would be more on target.
20 Epicenter of the Revolution Kellerbier
21 English Class Classic English Pale Ale
22 That Old School Old Ale
23 Golden Triangle Lager TBD Lager
24 Acoma Street Ale TBD Ale
25 The State House American Stout
26 Theatre Tart Oud Bruin or some other tart
27 Halfway Home OPEN
28 Bengal Jeopardy English IPA
29 Ayn’s Imperial Red A Russian Imperial Red – ideally
30 Digress Much You decide, I’ve lost my train of thought.
31 Improved Discourse Session beer
32 Impaired Discourse Barley Wine
33 Minor Miracles Vienna
34 Golden Windmill Peach Wheat
35 Sancho’s Golf Bag CRAZY WIDE OPEN
36 Pumpkin to the People Pumpkin
37 A Civic Affair Field Beer
38 Multiple ABUs Massively Bitter
39 Catholicism’s Fifth Stage Rectified Quadruple
40 Manifest Destiny Indigenous Beer
41 Fermtus Foeder Cupola Wild Beer
42 Social Insecurity American Brown Ale
43 The Populist American Pilsner
44 A Taste of Kolscharado Kolsch
45 Snake Chaser Irish Red
46 A Hop in the Mouth Double IPA
47 Denver Sans Au Beaches Tropical Light Lager
48 The Sun Never Sets British Imperial Stout
49 Never Ever American Imperial Stout
50 Mommy Bear’s Beer Honey Beer
51 Wilford’s Colon Oatmeal Stout
52 Putin’s Desires Baltic Porter
53 No 4th Wall To Be Broken
54 The Fun Nun Belgian White
55 Canadian Girlfriend A hybrid based on a clearly dubious suggestion
56 Can We Boch? School Bell Boch
57 Autumn’s Angst Oktoberfest
58 Civic Center Common Common
60 Transparent Theologian Triple
61 Privacy Problems I can’t decide; I’m conflicted
62 Rating System Red Red
63 Doppelbunk Doppelbock
64 Asked & Answered Altbier
65 Conflicts of Interest Coffee
66 Full Disclosure Scotch Heavy Ale
67 Institutional Faith Historical Beer
68 The 4th Estate Rye
69 How to Get Yourself Sued -101 Black Listed Ale
70 The Mentors’ Malt Mentor’s Selection
71 Ale of the Apprentice Riker’s Call
72 Shepherds for Ronin Analogy Style
73 The Evans’ Battalion Biere de Garde
74 Unintended Consequences Russian Imperial Stout
75 Tocar la Pelota Latin Lager