Evans School Front DPL746

The Basic Idea

I could give you a litany of reasons why the Evans School has stood vacant for so many decades – but I’m not going list the reasons why the immense potential of this civic monument has been imprisoned behind chain link for > 2 x 20 years.

Nope! I’m going the opposite direction.

I’m saying give me 64 Ronin brewers who are willing to donate their greatest beers AND their non-beer skills, and I, Il Dorke, will overcome those obstacles.

Because I, Il Dorke, need not do a thing. The community of beer can surmount these obstacles with ease.

Dumbtown’s Big Ask and the Key Features of The Dumbtown Deal

  • Home brewer time commitments will be substantial.
  • Home brewer wage compensation will be 0!
  • Home brewers will plan food pairings.
  • Home brewers and their posses will coordinate the beer tapping events.
  • Home brewers will also donate their non-brewing skills to the mission of opening the Evans School.

The Kinds of Brewers Dumbtown Seeks

Here’s an essential part of the deal, home brewers don’t just sign up and brew. You’ve got to be able to bring it big time and you’ve got prove it in advance. You are going to have to demonstrate your Kung Fu before the masters.

Interested Brewers

The skills of home brewers are well known. Can Ronin brewers produce beers powerful enough for this monumental task? Yes, they can. This question has been asked and answered.  The skills of Ronin brewers have been demonstrated in myriad competitions throughout the lands.

  • Nonetheless, interested Ronin must prepare pre-qualification samples for a panel of experts. Il Dorke’s champions will need to submit a beer good enough to merit Dumbtown’s funding of the grain bill;
  • Ronin brewers will need to train hard and learn the dumbtown system, so that when their time comes they have the experience necessary to operate safely in a professional brewing environment;
  • Volunteer brewers must persuade Dumbtown’s brew master you will honor your commitment to show up for training and brewing when scheduled. Some long hard days will be required.
  • Finally, you will have to accept that Dumbtown will be given the right to brew your beer in perpetuity. Dumbtown gets to brew your beer whenever Dumbtown chooses. But that doesn’t mean you can’t take your beer, label it something non-dumb, build a brewery, and create your own wonderful business.

    Dumbtown wants

    you to do that!

    Il Dorke just wants Dumbtown to command brau dominion within the Golden Triangle, and Dumbtown wants to keep brewing its quasi-poem of beers while it pushes forward the ideals that rallied the Ronin.

What Do Home Brewers Get?

  • You receive the opportunity to brew on a first class professional system.
  • You get advice, training and brewing mentorship from a master brewer.
  • You will have your beer purchased and evaluated by real consumers.
  • Most importantly, if you brew a beer so good that you decide to go pro, then you can brew your beer with a whole new company of crazies – and the lot of you can sell your beers wherever you want. The Dumbtown dream is that some home brewers do indeed go pro and become hugely successful brewers. The idea is when they become hugely successful brewers they remember Dumbtown, and from time to time, come back by to drop a coin in the fountain. Because the Dumbtown dream isn’t about building a huge brewery, it’s about making massive a statement.

So that’s the basic Dumbtown idea and the essential parts of the Dumbtown deal but there is much more to the notion that Beer Can Do This!