Halfway Home

Before I was halfway home it became abundantly clear my so called beer poem was going to involve more than 64 beer names. Nonetheless, in my mind’s eye I still see 64 beers and ideas being chosen from among all my nonsense and the offerings of the Ronin. I like the notion of brackets of beer and an almost perpetual pro-am beer styles smack down of HABU’s corrupted calculus.

I’d like to run with the goals of regular weekly tappings and mega-monthly events.

There is comedy you will never know in the number of times I attempted to move this beer to back to what I imagined to be its proper place, MS Word auto-number 32. I want Dumbtown to brew this one 32nd. It’s like the lottery, 32 has historical meaning for me. I want Dumbtown to brew this one on the 32nd day of the 32nd month… Hey wait a second.

Seriously, with respect to de-levering the business. In down turns, leverage kills. I’d like to see Dumbtown be so crazy insane busy initially that all debt is laid to waste in the first year. I envision equity being paid back in the second year and investors being provided a just and healthy return in the third.

Then, I’d like to see the Evans School transform into a quieter place. A place still visited by many but more random. I’d like to see the Evans School morph into some kind of civic perpetuity.

But I haven’t the slightest idea how to do that.

  • Style: OPEN
  • Liner notes: The Dumbtown system could certainly brew substantially > 64 beers but that would be even more impractical than my insane 64 tappings goal. Foundational beers will brewed in multiple batches and take up the largest proportions of kettle time. Ultimately, Dumbtown will do what it needs to, brew beers that sell.
  • Beer tangent: The dude is acting like an 18 year old Farmer on the short tour.