You need a bang up stout to keep the lights on. It’s another foundational style. It’s also the building next door where the peoples’ voice can and should be heard.

  • Style: American Stout
  • Liner note: One classic Denver adventure is to climb the steps of the State Capitol and stop on the step that allegedly marks exactly 5,280 of elevation above sea level.
  • Beer tangent:  Vine Street was my stout epiphany. Ironically it was two mortgage brokering enginerds who took me to Vine Street for my epiphany. There was a light shining in my own back yard and I missed it. Mountain Sun showed me the light. I believe Vine Street showed me the way to break the arithmancy of HABU’s obfuscating style.  And when a man as endlessly busy as Jim Koch gives you time to discuss the model and confirms its validity – that’s affirming. When he does it walking sideways between two other conversations and on his way to a third, it’s humbling. Humbling, humiliating, I’ll take whatever semantics I can break.