From time to time I attempt to step back and ask myself if this is just some self-indulgent obsession. When I do, two things happen. First, I have to admit that it is just that. Then second, and almost immediately after that, I bump into somebody who actually knows stuff, and they say it definitely can be done, and they agree that it would be awesome. It’s perplexing.

TEC’s Tree Fort, it’s a confessional and a midlife crisis built into one clearly dubious structure.

  • Style: I’m thinking a piney IPA but apple something would be more on target.
  • Liner note: If you click on the thumbnails above you can see the tenants as I first imagined them nearly 20 years ago. Alternatively, if you apply the KISS principle it’s just 48,000 square feet of real estate; about 16,000 square feet per floor. That’s the back of the napkin math.
  • Beer tangent: The dubious structure refers to my business concept. The Evans School is solid, totally solid.