This hyperbolic phrase is something I imagined I concocted a long time ago to describe what I conceived as the extreme upside potential of the Evans School. Now we are far beyond the brew house and on to my arguably delusional Evans School mission. However, twenty years ago when I started my Evans School obsession there were already ripples being created by this movement. The course corrections society needs were not unseen. Eyes better than my own saw an improved path and they were already acting.

Revolutions are now underway. What is awesome is that as much as I feel I saw things coming, I never in my wildest dreams foresaw how quickly ideas could propagate. I thought one would need to make a huge amount of noise. Now you can just tweet and monumental things happen. It is indeed a crazy world we are living in.

  • Style: Kellerbier
    [It really doesn’t have to be a Kellerbier. Hugely popular would work too. Don’t get me wrong. There is no false dilemma here. Both would be perfect AND if you do BOTH, I feel you should get a star.]
  • Liner note: Near the end of 2014 Denver City Council pass a Neighbor Plan for the Golden Triangle. That plan calls for the Evans School’s parking lot to become a catalytic development site. Il Dorke remembers the playground and dreams of a garden. Il Dorke wants to challenge HABU’s supremacy in a public forum.
  • Beer tangent: I use 56k modems as an excuse for my lack of progress. Kahn academy I beat you to it! Except for the abilities and actually doing it parts.