on-the-shoulders-of-giants-false“Nothing original” is a quasi-slogan/battle cry I started using to describe my Evans School redevelopment philosophy. It’s not ironic per se. I feel it’s what an interviewee of Samantha Bee’s described as a double intennuandres.

Part of what I intended was sarcastic because in general, unless absolutely necessary, I didn’t want to use anything new. I wanted to keep as much of the original building as possible.

As important, I wanted to use as much pre-existing knowledge and experience as I could muster and harness. Things like what I’m dreaming about have been done previously; no sense reinventing the wheel. Historically, the beauty of the craft movement has been that such things are shared freely.

  • Style:  I’d love to see an acceptable homage to the Pioneers at Tommyknocker.
  • Liner note: In Il Dorke’s Dream Dumbtown Brewing Company occupies only about half of the first floor. Three or more retail operations and an artfully active hallway fill the rest of the first floor. The old auditorium on the second floor of the Evans School becomes a venue for a diversity of events and performances, and the eight classrooms on the second floor that surround the theater become collaborative workspaces for some of Denver’s most creative minds. And over the years an endless stream of various individuals reside for some undefined time on the top floor of the Evans School. Collectively they create, nurture and protect The Evans School and the ideals that reopened its doors.
  • Beer tangent: I don’t feel I like I spelt double “intennuandres” correctly, which bothers me. It’s right in my fake word wheel house.