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8. Clarence’s Wings

Clarences Wings

Yes, it is a reference to It’s a Wonderful Life. It’s the first of many. Confessed Capra zealot you got here. What’s the better movie Citizen Kane or It’s a Wonderful life? Personally, I’ll take the later. I’ll take all the George Baileys I can get.

Maybe one day Dumbtown can do spirits and serve the kinds of drinks Clarence tried to order but until then Dumbtown is just looking for a great beer that’s a little nuts.

  • Style: Coconut Porter
  • Liner note: Dumbtown has to give back (i.e., contribute to society) from day one. Dumbtown has to put its coin in the fountain everyday it’s open. Here, I would like to keep it simple – at least at first. I’d like to know that every time a beer sells Denver Public Schools get a dime. My wife says, “that should rhyme”, AS IF to imply I could do better. At this stage, my reaction is, perhaps, AND debt done dime doubles.
    How does that dime or it’s double get delivered? I do not know. I’d like to hear what the 64 Ronin think about this.
  • Beer tangent: Bury the business plan backwards

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  1. What about: “Every time you get pickled, a DPS kid gets a nickel.” Not an ace, but it does rhyme, and nickels are slightly funnier than dimes, at least in a Mad Magazine-cum-table-of-the-elements sort of way.

    Capra is another story. To each his own, but I will take Christmas-Dickens over either Jimmy Stewart or Orson Welles (and, for that matter, Trading Places…).

    Coconut Porter? Never thought I’d see the day….

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