When not dreaming about the Evans School I contemplate the notion it could all be much worse. The building could have been knocked down and our faith in our institutions could be far more eroded.

  • Style: Russian Imperial Stout
  • Liner note: 64 Ronin brewers could kickstart the brew house for LESS THAN FIVE FIGURES EACH. The restaurant and taproom would entail that much again. If you can sell all the beer a 5 BBL system and triple-dumb fermentation formation can make in one year, then brew house debt could indeed be done in year one. One fifth that number of pints is more realistic and five years of debt service more sensible. And in reality, somebody competent has to be in charge on a daily basis.
  • Beer tangent: God forgive me if I cause the Evans School and the craft movement to be combined into some kind of unholy cheese factory.