Astrology-is-pure-bunkThose who know me well may know any number of things but they all know I loves me my made-up words.

This conflation is about the practical notion that Dumbtown will need to figure out how to rate and innovate but it also ties into the notion of improved discourse. I love to be silly but if we are trying to accomplish something serious, can we skip the disbursement of nonsense? Can’t we forgo that for expedience sake?

Apparently not but I’m a paradoxical beer nut AND I think beer can change that. Not monumentally overnight but over time. Again, I just believe this because I want to believe this. My calculus is such that I say at a minimum the Evans School can retard the trajectory of stupidity. My paradoxical math says beer can do this.

  • Style: Doppelbock
  • Liner note: I was misusing the word ueber so long ago my friend, who took German in high school, asked me what’s up with you and “ueber”? All it means is “over”! Back then, 30+ years ago, I could not disclose the truth. The people on talk soup had already started referring to my Canadian Girl Friend as an ueber-model because she so transcended mere supermodels. I had a moral obligation to keep our relationship secret. Half of that story is true. I’d like to tell you it’s the later half but that would be Doppelbunk.
  • Beer tangent: Now Uber is a huge car service and Uber is a super aid to responsible drinking. Yet, ultimately, nobody gets it but me. Ueber is French for awesome.