A simple play on words but endless opportunities for thought and discussion. Perhaps a conversational documentary shot in the theater in multiple episodes over some thoughtful amount of time. In my Evans School dreams this is something analogous to the brewing process; there is inspiration, research, analysis, effort, reflection, contemplation; all present and persistent AND none are rushed.

  • Style: American Brown Ale
  • Liner note: Here’s how I develop my joke budget. I aim to make just one person laugh. I have a singular goal; crack myself up. If only two people laugh, I’ve doubled my comedic revenue target. Please allow me to illustrate. That old school asks me question that are simultaneously profound and personal. The Evans School queries me – if doughnuts were arguments how would you order them? Simultaneously the structure places the answer in my head. A full years worth + a dozen of those extra large ones AND an unhealthy amount of excess capacity for still more.
  • Beer tangent: