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13. Robert’s Shangri-La

It’s still Capra but now we are talking about Robert Conway and Lost Horizon.


The big quote:

ROBERTSON: Tell me something, Gainsford. What do you think of his talk about Shangri-La? Do you believe it?

GAINSFORD: (thinks a moment) Yes – yes, I believe it.

(sincerely) I believe it, because I want to believe it.

I’m not trying to fool anyone. There’s a lot of just wanting to believe in my Dreams of Dumbtown and my Evans School Notions.

  • Style: Fresh Hop
  • Liner note: Yes, as ignorant as I am, I do know that some person other than Frank Capra wrote a book with an identical title first. For heaven’s saké, the Evans School is right next to Denver’s architecturally renowned Central Library. Did you not recognize the image on the home page?
  • Beer tangent: Beer Has Your Back

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  1. The Stark family continues to be completely seperated, with only the two youngest children together for any long period of time.
    In the meantime the Devil is masterfully pulling people away from God, even believers.
    With siege engines you will have to push the large wooden structure
    up to the city walls until the bridge crashes down and then you can swarm in.

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