Are you so good Dumbtown could be one and done? Could you be the one to give Dumbtown’s debt the Miyamoto Musashi treatment. Do you have a beer so good it can roll with Fat Tire? Are you ready to throw down with The Golden Monkey? Can you make Dumbtown’s first tank as legendary as Boulevard’s 7th? Or either Pliny?

Well then, you are the home brewer Dumbtown requires. If you are this Hop Savant please write the first verse of Dumbtown’s pub song:

Write your beer down, then come it brew it downtown.

So, Dumbtown only needs 63 more beers for its halls…

Make the first pony in Dumbtown’s stable a pure thoroughbred. Think Eric Young’s leadoff home run at the Rockies first home game. Crush one out of the park, then go pro, inspire others and don’t forget to come back to Dumbtown every once and a while to brew again.

  • Style: WIDE OPEN
  • Liner note: It appears Crooked Stave pre-emptively stole the phrase Hop Savant from Dumbtown, as is their chronological right, but it was kind of uncool. Yeast Yoda would have been more appropriate. I am virtually certain the phrase “Hop Savant” first entered my head as a Crooked Stave beer was entering my mouth.
  • Beer tangent: Clarence would never order such poorly mixed metaphors.