Not a lot of discussion needed here.

Dumbtown needs some killer home brewers.

  • Style: Japanese Saké Beer
  • Liner note(s): There is, however, an inordinate amount of discussion down here. So get ready for a pathetically long setup:
    I love Dennis Miller’s comedy, his politics not so much. Nonetheless, in my biased inadequately informed misestimation Dennis is about the only rightward commentator who can be incisively funny on a consistent basis. He can do it live. More importantly, if he mocks something leftish, it’s generally worthy of a mockdown and he makes it mockalicous.
    Anyway, going way back to my pre-kids entry into the beer biz, I travelled a lot [dubbelly pathetically long setup]. Frequently, I needed a Miller joke to sooth me through a sleepless night. As I recall the joke goes like this. “The air conditioner in my room has two speeds; off and The Hound of the Baskervilles”.
    You probably now realize that I fibbed and you are in for a trippelly pathetically long setup. Dennis has another simple joke I love. He said, “Tell you what, if I ever move to England, I’m taking two things: a chef and a dentist”. Odds are he was riffing off some other old joke.
    Regardless, I wish my Dumbtown dream was as short and simple as two things.
    Unfortunately Dumbtown and the Evans School need far more. Dumbtown needs a brew master, a master’s apprentice, and a company of chefs. The Evans School needs those three things to be augmented by a random mix of two dozen creatives and a host of guests. Plus, a philosopher dentist like Herbie for the top floor and attic. I’ve always loved Herbie’s world view.
  • Beer tangent: It would be awesome if the Evans School was so cool that in a year or two Dumbtown could get Tony Magee and Quentin Tarantino to come brew a beer called Five Deadly Ven-diagram-NumBeers. …and… It also occurs to me that Dumbtown needs 64 Ronin and I want to build an Unhidden Fortress for everybody; not just R2D and C3PO. Not to mention I had a Rashomon site visit > once.