CommonGoodFlagSo here I am almost at beer name 64 and only now I am getting to the heart of my Evans School dream.

I have this abstract notion of a common or generic citizen standing in between the city’s Central Library and Art Museum. They look south and see a statue atop a fountain. The statue is not particularly original. It riffs off the story Promethus and integrates the commonalities of humanity studied and described by Joseph Campbell. This random undefined citizen finds the artistic force of the statue compelling, so they walk towards the Evans School.

When they reach the Evans School they walk into a garden that is presently a parking lot but was once a was playground. As they stroll into the George Bailey memorial garden they walk past a bench that pays tribute to Ikiru’s epiphany. The bench is peacefully shaded by a singular peach tree.

That unspecified person walks into the Evans School, they linger in the garden, or they walk on. In my dreams it does not matter. Whatever the action, some nano positive is created.

  • Style: Common
  • Liner notes: I dream of a place so cool Natalie Merchant comes to sing Wonder. I feel as if that song has always been linked to my imaginary, non-specific, potential citizen throughout my Evans School obsession. I know she wrote Wonder but if she says it’s about her or some other specific individual that’s wrong. It’s about the individual potential of each and every person. That’s the idea. That is why in 1904 the City of Denver built the Evans School.
  • Beer tangent: Il Dorke wants to do something foolish. Il Dorke wants to do something Prometheus would do.