A honey beer is not exactly the wife’s favorite beer style – but the “Mommy Bear” thing, that’s an old family thing. The “Mommy Bear” thing goes back to the days when lifting kids was easy. It’s not as old as my Evans School obsession but it’s close to being that old. Regardless, before “Mommy Bear” was “Mommy Bear” she was riding with me through another dream. That was > four world cups ago.

  • Liner note: The wife and I weren’t on the road in the pictured above. One small portion of our journey started with a twisty road sign that said underneath Next 93 Miles. The whole way down into the canyon I kept saying I should get a picture of one of those. Next 75 Miles, Next 53 Miles, etc. Turns out you don’t want to stop the ride to take pictures.
  • Beer tangent: A 500cc Malibu Barbie Beach bike will get over 140 miles on a single tank of gas in the Utah desert. Which is a good thing because it has to.