Evans School Front DPL746

The amazing thing about the Evans School is that even shackled it still manages to do its work. Twenty years ago the Evans School was locked and without teachers. Yet it taught me some important computer skills. It’s is an almost a surreal thing. The Evans School helped make me the spreadsheet monkey I am today.  Closed up and shuttered the Evans School helped a woman obtain her masters. Randomness and coincidence are insane cousins.  Apparently, this woman still lives in Denver.  Another friend of mine was at her wedding.  And a friend of his knows …

In simplest terms. The Evans School deserves its very own toast. Ideally this beer will also ring a great many bells.

  • Style: Old Ale
  • Liner note: There is an anti-left handers’ anomaly in the Evans School. Can your eyes see past the blockage into the architect’s intent? Not me, ironically, I had to read about it.
  • Beer tangent: Not with your Left Hand