cease-and-desist-stampThis is where I do take some time to make some disclosures and make a request. Many of these names refer to movies, novels, etc. I’d like to see these beers brewed and sold at the Evans School, within the Golden Triangle Neighborhood and at at a few spots around the city that are special to me because they were elemental to my craft experiences. I don’t want Dumbtown to rip off anyone but I do want to riff off of a host of people and things. If you’re annoyed, just send a note telling Dumbtown to stop.

Please be cognizant that Dumbtown doesn’t exist – yet. Presently, Dumbtown is just an idea; nothing more than a than a fool’s dream. If you’re upset that may indeed be understandable. We can boch about it.

  • Style: Belgian Dubbel
  • Liner note: All I ask it that before you get upset about these names you go out and have two of my favorites. Go out and order a Salvation(s). Personally, that’s all I’m asking for; just a couple of salvations for myself. Is that too much to ask?
  • Beer tangent: Perhaps things like brew house scheduling and fermenter utilization aren’t such a big deal, but it seems issues like seasonality and mega events impact space requirements and therefore should be incorporated into the design of the brew house. Too bad Il Dorke is not a brewer.